Longboat Key

Longboat Key

Longboat Key gets its name, not from the fact it spans over 12 miles, but from the Spanish longboats that were used to discover it.  Longboat Key offers 12 miles of golf, fine dining, and luxurious resorts.  Only 7,000 residents call this white sandy island home year round.  In peak season, the population booms to 22,000.

Longboat Key Living

A day on Longboat Key consists of seeing a peacock stroll main street in the historic village, a round of golf on the award-winning Longboat Key Resort gold course, and taking in the spectacular sunset from of the many waterfront restaurants.  One could also spend the entire day simply taking in the natural beauty on one of the white sandy beaches.  

Longboat Key Real Estate

Beachfront condos, cozy bungalows, ultra-luxurious beachfront estates and private gated communities make up the various real estate options on Longboat Key.  Styles range from Mediterranean Revival to sleek contemporary. 

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