Moving from Chicago to Nashville

The Windy City to Music City: Why People Are Moving from Chicago to Nashville

In recent years, there has been a notable migration trend that has seen a significant number of people trading in the bustling streets of Chicago for the mellower vibes of Nashville. The reasons behind this shift are in part because of Music City’s southern charm, burgeoning job opportunities, and a more affordable cost of living. In this article, we’ll explore why people are making the move from Chicago to Nashville.

Discovering the Appeal of Nashville

Nashville, often dubbed “Music City, USA,” is renowned for its rich musical heritage and vibrant arts scene. It has much to offer beyond music, and it’s no surprise that people from all walks of life are finding themselves drawn to this unique city.

Lower Cost of Living

One of the primary factors attracting Chicagoans to Nashville is the significantly lower cost of living. Housing costs in Nashville are notably more affordable compared to Chicago, making homeownership more accessible. The lower property taxes are also a considerable draw for those looking to maximize their investment.

Job Opportunities

Nashville is experiencing an economic boom, and job opportunities are on the rise. The city has a thriving job market, especially in industries like healthcare, technology, and entertainment. Major companies and startups are choosing Nashville as their new home, creating a robust job market for both experienced professionals and recent graduates.

No State Income Tax

Another financial incentive for the move is Tennessee’s lack of state income tax. In contrast, Illinois residents face some of the highest income taxes in the nation. This significant financial relief allows newcomers to keep more of their hard-earned money, further enhancing the appeal of the city.

A Thriving Arts and Culture Scene

Nashville isn’t just about country music. The city has a burgeoning arts and culture scene, with a variety of museums, galleries, theaters, and live music venues. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a music lover, Nashville offers a vibrant cultural landscape that rivals any major city.

A Welcoming Community

Southern hospitality is more than just a phrase in Nashville, it’s a way of life. Residents often comment on the friendliness and welcoming nature of the people here. The sense of community is strong, making it easier for newcomers to establish roots and form lasting connections.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

Nashville is surrounded by natural beauty, with parks, lakes, and hiking trails just a short drive away. Whether you enjoy kayaking on the Cumberland River, walking at Rador Lake, hiking in nearby state parks, or simply basking in the serene landscapes, Nashville offers an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities.


As the appeal of Nashville continues to grow, it’s no wonder why more and more people are making the move from Chicago to Music City. From the lower cost of living and promising job prospects to the thriving cultural scene and friendly community, Nashville offers a fresh start and a higher quality of life for those seeking a change of scenery. Whether you’re drawn by the music or the opportunities, Nashville is a city on the rise, welcoming you to become a part of its vibrant tapestry. Contact us today if you are considering the move!